Tender Offers

When executing a Tender Offer for stocks or bonds, after the input and structuring advice from third parties, it is critical to assemble a solicitation team which knows the details of the transactional process.

Laurel Hill will act as moderator and information hub in any Tender Offer program, provide a local or international toll free conference call number for designated advisors to assist in communication between them and the party making the offer keeping all parties updated. 

We’ve implemented a fully staffed call center with toll-free numbers as part of our Corporate Actions suite to answer inbound calls from holders with questions, and to record holder sentiments regarding your Tender Offer and maximize support. Multi-lingual agents are available if necessary. 

Laurel Hill’s institutional ownership tracking will provide an in-depth snapshot of holders, updating ownership levels and investor contacts. This snapshot will be constantly updated to monitor participation as we coordinate and confirm with Cede & Co. /Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (“DTC”), and any other Depository entities (SEDOL, etc.) that all bank and broker participants and third party distribution agents receive all Tender Offer materials, ensuring that all materials are forwarded to holders in a timely manner. 

Laurel Hill will monitor and solicit untendered positions on a daily basis and share them with the party making the offer. Our staff communicates with all major institutional, hedge fund and arbitrageur holders, monitoring their comments and any changes in positions. This allows us to provide timely reports, detailing the progress of the solicitation and identifying the timing of expected tenders from major institutional holders and arbitrageurs. 

Even after the transaction, Laurel Hill will assist you in managing the holders, reducing carrying costs by finding and exchanging holders missed in the initial exchange. 

For assistance in planning in implementing your Tender Offer contact info@laurelhill.com.