Who is watching out for you?

Who is watching out for you?

Stock Surveillance ("Stock•IQ")

A comprehensive Stock Surveillance program is essential in today’s environment of shareholder activism as the new norm. A Stock Surveillance program is an essential component in creating a communications defense plan. The right Stock Surveillance program consists of constant monitoring and deeper insight identifying shareholder voting patterns. 

Laurel Hill’s Stock Surveillance program, Stock•IQ, was formed to offer a unique service for public issuers as a critical tool that can be used as an activist defense mechanism. Our Stock•IQ program is managed by a team of experts with over 25 years focused on reading, analyzing and sharing shareholder and stock movements.

Once a company has been able to identify its stock movements it can then mount a proactive shareholder outreach campaign before any activist decides to make a phone call.

Early, accurate, analyzed intelligence is critically powerful information that keeps a company one step ahead to avoid surprises such as an activist seeking change in your company.

With Laurel Hill Advisory Group’s Stock Surveillance program you won’t have to rely on a simple “data dump”. We provide issuers with a timely and comprehensive tool that accurately tracks and identifies notable changes in stock ownership of their constantly shifting shareholder base. 

The major difference of our Stock Surveillance program lies within “Laurel Hill’s Commentary” which reads between the lines and provides insight to what is happening with the stock and if there is any action management should prepare for or consider taking. We go well beyond identifying the “who”, by evaluating the “why.”You will always have accurate intelligence with regard to why the share price and trading volume fluctuate along with an easy to understand, clearly detailed commentary summarizing what it means. 

In addition to the special Daily and Weekly reports, we also provide, in our Quarterly Report, a review of the Proxy Advisory firm’s guidelines followed by your Institutional Shareholders. 

Laurel Hill will interface with your IR team on a daily basis, keeping you well apprised of any unusual activity (price, volume, shareholder positions) in your company’s stock. We find this improves dialogue amongst Investor Relations Officers, Executives and Board Members, creating a more cohesive channel of information for reaching current, past and new shareholders. 

When warranted, Laurel Hill Advisory’s Stock•IQ will raise a ‘red flag’ on a potential activist shareholder and engage our Proxy Advisory team to offer insight including the voting trends of shareholders within the profile. 

For further information on a comprehensive yet cost effective Stock-IQ solution contactinfo@laurelhill.com.