ProxyGUARD® is a sensible alternative for Companies that don’t need a full Proxy Solicitation program for their Annual Meeting. ProxyGUARD uncovers vital information alerting Companies to potential issues that could be avoided leading up the the Annual Meeting.

How it works
Laurel Hill monitors how various institutions, registered holders, banks and brokers are voting their proxies. This cost-effective tool can provide issuers vital information during the complete voting process. Laurel Hill will inform issuers regarding negative proxies that may impact their Annual Meeting. The issuer may choose, based on research provided during the ProxyGUARD review, to retain Laurel Hill to implement a full solicitation program

Laurel Hill ProxyGUARD Annual and Special Meeting search and surveillance program is a low threshold decision that is an effective means of ensuring a smooth process, year in and year out. Including:

  • Review of the type of meeting being held, and the individual Notice and Vote requirements,
  • Prepare the required SEC search notice and mail to all banks, brokers, intermediaries and nominees; Approximately five to seven business days after the search has commenced, Laurel Hill will notify the Company or Fund of the preliminary quantities of materials needed.
  • Determine Final quantities of materials and circulate a print and delivery schedule three business days after the record date, (the Company or Fund will be notified by Laurel Hill of the actual number of each printed document needed, and the delivery information for intermediaries performing distribution);
  • Electronic Tabulation Services of Registered Holders for the meeting vote:
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Voting for registered holders; 
  • Internet Voting for registered holders; 
  • Physical Proxy Card processing;
  • Detailed Daily Vote Reports up to and including the meeting date, combining registered and Brokerage Voting on all proposals;
  • Voting Surveillance – Laurel Hill will analyze the ongoing voting results to determine possible risk of failure and consult with the Company or Fund on the potential need to commence a campaign using Proxy Solicitation services.

To find out how we can tailor a ProxyGUARD program to fit your exact needs contact