Proxy Contests

Proxy Contests are not going away anytime soon, in fact they're intensifying in frequency, tenacity and targets. This is, in part, due to shareholder proposals and contests for control increasing in regularity by sophisticated and knowledgeable investors.  

Shareholders will be subject to a conflicting barrage of arguments and counter-arguments. Key vote support may ebb and flow between the opposing positions, and correct interpretation of conflicting information is a tremendous challenge one that Laurel Hill excels in. They feel its critical to have access to a specialized and experienced team with all the right tools to formalize the most intelligent program for maximum success.

The Laurel Hill team excels in high profile, complex and contentious transactions dealing with challenging proxy contests as they have successfully represented both public companies and activists. Laurel Hill has a unique set of skills to monitor how both sides think and react.  With their Stock•IQ monitoring services they're able to track shareholder movement before and during any transaction. LH's specialized in-house call center capabilities can support scalable inbound and outbound call campaigns quickly and efficiently. Having the ability to maintain quality control and manage call center costs will ensure that your message is being delivered in the most effective way possible. 

Laurel Hill's full suite of focused services and experience allows them to become a useful component of your tactical team and can outline a robust outreach program to guide the mandate to a successful outcome. In particular, our Canadian team holds the best Proxy win record for 9 consecutive years. 

Our senior management has previous experience working at the C-Suite level in public companies giving them unmatched experience in the industry. 

Whether working with management or dissidents, LH's collective experience will be fully deployed to ensure your message is clearly and effectively communicated and understood by shareholders.

To find out how we can tailor a defense approach to fit your existing program contact