Odd Lot

Build Shareowner value and reduce costs

Odd Lot holders (those with less than 100 shares) require the same communications, mailings and service that much larger holders do. Laurel Hill's Odd Lot program assists corporate issuers faced with establishing a balance of building shareholder value and reducing shareholder servicing costs by offering the Odd Lot holder a cost effective alternative to selling or redeeming their shares. 

Many of these shareholders are passive investors who have received their holdings through spin-offs, mergers, acquisitions or reverse stock splits. Corporate issuers are often surprised to find that a majority of their corporate share and servicing costs result from the Odd Lot shareholders that hold a minority of the outstanding shares. 

A few key features of our Odd Lot service include:

  • Fee transparency
  • Personal interaction with shareholders through the entire process
  • Cost effective to both shareholder and issuer
  • A positive impact on costs associated with servicing your shareholder base