Mergers & Acquisitions

Laurel Hill Advisory Group provides comprehensive and strategic consulting services before and during any Merger or Acquisition covering all aspects of the Special Meeting or offer, ranging from scoping broad strategies to specific tactics in order to motivate each segment of a shareholder base. 

Laurel Hill has a superior track record of delivering successful results whether planning a Special Meeting, Consent Solicitation, Dutch Auction, Tender Offer or other Corporate Actions related to a Merger or Acquisition. Their in-house Corporate Actions Team garners a high reputation of proven results for its clients.

They forecast the likely votes or tenders and outline potential scenarios providing clear alternatives prior to the actual solicitation period as well as advise management and help structure best practices in connection with institutional investor advisors such as ISS and Glass Lewis providing insight and recommendations regarding these advisory services. 

Laurel Hill provides timely reports to management and advisors, outlining the vote, or projected participation. We detail the progress of the solicitation and identify, where possible, the voting pattern of major institutional and individual holders and/or their willingness to support the offer. 

Laurel Hill coordinates the delivery of all voted proxies and tendered securities to the designated tabulator or depositary, up to and including the time of the special meeting or closing of your offer. During this process, if needed, Laurel Hill will commence a telephone solicitation campaign from selected registered and “street name” retail holders, in order to maximize response. 

In addition, Laurel Hill will work closely with your management, Lawyers, Bankers and other advisors using their knowledge and expertise in the corporate action process to anticipate potential problems and assist in the development and implementation of all aspects of the overall solicitation strategy. Our web hosting suite for documents and press release distribution offers a cost effective alternative for smaller, targeted deals.

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