John P. O'Grady

Senior Vice President | Laurel Hill Advisory Group, LLC
President | Laurel Hill Securities
Direct (516) 396-7905


John P. O’Grady is Senior Vice President of The Laurel Hill Advisory Group, LLC, President of Laurel Hill Securities and a member of the Laurel Hill Advisory M&A team. 

John heads Soliciting Dealer Services at Laurel Hill Securities LLC., and has advised clients involved in complex or difficult-to-execute transactions in the equity, preferred stock, alternative investment and fixed income markets. Recent transactions as Dealer Manager include multiple Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd Modified Dutch Auctions.

Representative public companies transactions include Information Agent work on deals for Wabash Corporation, Mam Software and Cryo-Cell International Tender Offers, and the Actions Semiconductor, Ltd. going private (de-listing) transaction. John designed a novel Corporate Action Reconciliation of 1.2 Billion Dollar out-of-balance Bond and Note positions at DTC for Vitro, S.A. – as Expert Witness, Information Agent and Strategic Advisor for the Successful Special Corporate Action resolving their Concorso/Bankruptcy.

John recently assisted China Biologic Company in a successful redomicile (reincorporation) from Delaware to the Cayman Islands, has assisted Biotechnology Companies during up listing, and solicited successfully for an evergreen stock option plan which passed despite ISS and Glass Lewis opposition. John created a strategy to boost Say on Pay Votes increasing support year over year for clients, and tactics to reduce Withhold Votes on Directors. He has spearheaded projects representing a number of closed end and open end mutual funds including Ares Funds, Liberty Funds, and Franklin Templeton.

During his Twenty Years in the industry, he has managed solicitation campaigns related to annual and special meetings (domestically and abroad), contests for control, M&A solicitations, schemes of arrangement, reorganizations and going private (de-listing) transactions as well as fixed income-related matters, including holder identification, tenders, exchanges and consent solicitations.

He received his BS/BA in Biology and English from Georgetown University, Washington D.C.