Senior Vice President | Business Development
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Joe McDavitt is Senior Vice President of The Laurel Hill Advisory Group, LLC. He is a 22 year veteran in the financial services industry where his primary focus has been corporate reorganization. 

Joe started his career at Bank of Boston which eventually became part of Computershare. He has worked on a multitude of complex transactions throughout his extensive career. His hands on approach helped him understand the complete process in assisting some of the largest public issuers through a wide range of transactions including, Mergers & Acquisitions Exchanges, Distributions, Liquidations, Tender Offers, Dutch Auctions, Rights Offerings, OddLots, Asset Reunification and Asset Recovery.

Some of Fortune 100/500 companies Joe worked directly on include; AT&T, Bank of America, Bell Atlantic/NYNEX, Exxon/Mobile, John Hancock, Liberty Mutual, Executive Life, NStar, Northeast Utilities, General Motors, Eli Lilly.

Many of these complex transactions were successfully managed by Joe; he coordinated team efforts working with issuers, in-house and outside counsel, financial printers, other financial advisors, internal project managers, systems analysts, call centers and operations. 

Joe is a graduate of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, with a B.S. in Marketing.