Policyholder Reunification

Ensure compliance by finding unresponsive holders.

State regulators are scrutinizing internal practices and becoming vigilant on applying penalties and fees to Insurers that don't have a robust Policyholder Reunification program in place. Laurel Hill Advisory Group has built a proactive approach to work with State's efforts in successfully identifying and reuniting policy holders with their abandoned assets helping Insurance firms from encountered staggering costs and increased strain on internal resources associated with successfully completing the necessary efforts mandated by most State's Unclaimed Property departments.   

Laurel Hill’s Asset Recovery Center assists with identifying dormant or deceased accounts, locating policyholders and reuniting them with their assets. In doing so, our suite of services provides a cost effective solution for insurers to manage the extraordinary efforts needed to adhere to the ever changing unclaimed property landscape. 

Our Policyholder Reunification program reduces an Insurers Escheatment obligation, provides effective risk mitigation and promotes good Corporate Governance by communicating and assisting a "lost" Policyholder reclaim their assets.

To find out how we can tailor a Reunification program to fit your exact needs contact info@laurelhill.com.