2018: The Year of the Woman

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Locally, highlighted in its 12/29/17 Edition, The Long Island Business News heralded the election of Laura Curran as the new Nassau County Executive, a first for one of the most important counties in New York.  In addition, Laura Gillen was elected as supervisor of the Town of Hempstead, followed by Madeline Singas as District Attorney and Geraldine Hart as Suffolk County Police Commissioner.

Why do we mention these hyper- local elections? Because these are major milestones in diversity in local governments long dominated by males- in particular Nassau County, arguably for which the term “Old Boy Network” was first conceived.

We believe that 2018 will be a year where diversity continues to be a primary topic; major institutions such as State Street have clearly indicated their interest in seeing that diversity be in the forefront of Corporate Governance- and rightfully so.

As we commented in a previous ELERT, diversity for the sake of diversity is not the point; growth initiatives should not reflect this. At all levels, women belong in the workplace. It is our hope that male chauvinism will one day be a thing of the past, and as more negative publicity emerges concerning the unacceptable behavior exposed throughout segments of society, real recognition and acceptance of the value imparted by women will emerge.

This is an issue that must be taken seriously, starting at the top of an organization and moving down into the work force.

It will happen, and as the culture changes to accept the truth, we will all benefit.

Ref:  The Long Island Business News