New Corporate Governance Data

Ernst & Young Center for Board Matters recently published interesting Data concerning Corporate Governance.

The information is too numerous to present in this Elert but the Data covers an Analysis from the S&P 500 to the Russell 3000 companies.

Some of the subjects covered are:

Board Composition 
· Average Age 63 years 
· Gender Diversity about 20%

Board Compensation 
· $211,000 – 308,000

Other Subjects covered: 
· Board meetings (7) 
· Board size (9)

Then Leadership structure, Opposition votes in director elections and various proposals.

It is an analysis worth pursuing for those who have an interest in a greater insight on the various dynamics that continue to evolve in the area of Corporate Governance.     

We believe the information is successfully and effectively presented – worth pursuing

Ref:  EY center for Board Matters – Corporate Governance by the Numbers