Asset Recovery Center

Laurel Hill’s Asset Recovery Center provides a comprehensive solution for companies looking to reunite with their past or “lost” holders. Whether you’re an Insurance Firm, Broker Dealer, Mutual Fund, Bank or Public Issuer we can design a customized Asset Recovery campaign where we manage the complete process, or tailor a solution to work cohesively with your existing program. We pride ourselves in helping your company avoid increased scrutiny, financial audits, reputational risk and possible fines– while strengthening your brand's reputation through increased shareholder support.

Holders can be lost for a number of reasons including:

A change of address without communicating an update
Life event causing a change to the registration (i.e., Marriage, death and/or no longer a minor).
Account where correspondence slipped through the cracks

Some of the features our program offers include:

• Transparency of assets and applied fees
• Risk mitigation
• Extensive due diligence that reduces your escheatment obligation
• Scalable interaction with existing programs

Our Shareholder Asset Recovery program will contact up to 90% of the remaining unexchanged shareholder base and typically achieve a 65%- 80% success rate.

To find out how we can tailor an Asset Recovery program to fit your exact needs contact